2014 group workouts- *Click here!.

P.R.=  A personal Record 

 A best time yet!

...Life can also be a PR, you just have to take the small steps to achieve greatness in your own Life and in your own sporting goals as well, and have fun in doing so, creating lifelong friendships of support...!
 I started this Team with the desire to stay healthy, and to lead fellow athletes to reach higher to become the best That They can each strive for personally.
By trying to be a good example and share from the lessons I have learned from my own training over the past 25 years, in Sport and as A Coach..
Life is to be enjoyed and experienced! ~ share the journey with US!
Become the Best YOU!

2014 updated  Outdoor FALL schedule above- 
thru end of Sept!
drop in $ for each

Scoll down for all current 2014 workout details! 

         OPEN WATER  Swim          
$8.00 drop in

Open Water swim times !! -
$8.00 drop in
at Linwood park! - Wed.@6PM-ONLY! starts next wed 5/28
(always will be wed. -I will add another day soon)
(you must be on the gate list via me !)-)please park near the stand-by playground)
 so bring a wetsuit and i will keep course close to shore for few weeks!
please be quiet and courteous to everyone in the park-they allow us to use this beautiful private facility graciously! 

   OUT-door Bike Training  

Triathlon cycling
 THURSDAYS  we ride at 6- PM
(see below for all details)

have a great training season and SAFE one too. PLEASE READS ALL INFO contained in this E-mail before you come to ride!
$ 6.00 drop in fee
We will ride a marked course (orange arrows painted on the road (2 before each turn)
this is not a closed course- so you must ride safe and stop at all stops and turn with extreme caution!-this is a training ride-be safe-help your fellow, newer teammates and NOT A RACE!

PR Team!
I have created a NEW Cycling course!
we will start on it this Thursday 9/11...at 6pm
One loop is 21.5 miles so be prepared to bring extra hydration on the bike with you, as well as a cell phone! (there is a shorter option!)

Cycling laws -Always :
-wear a helmet, and Brightly colored clothing!
-have a drink.. and a cell phone in a zip lock waterproof case! (with a contact # of your buddy)
-do a safety check B4 you ride
- Insure you have proper air pressure (for most road bikes between 85-120 PSI)
-Know your route! (be aware of weather and dress appropriately)
-Use arm signals and stop at all stop signs!
- stay within 2 feet of the white road side-line -BUT not too close or on the white line-this is the cause of most handling mishaps , when you go off the road.
- unclip before you come to a stop
-avoid pot holes, debris, slick smooth paint, and cracks in pavement!
_be very vocal with warnings and when passing (u cannot hear very well with wind on bike!
(-PASSING ON LEFT" loudly when passing)
-only pass on left!
-Obey all traffic laws
safety check from front to back and KNOW what your bike parts are! and how they operate! (ask if you need help!)


Ohio Cycling LAWS- A MUST Read!

Great for review and general CYCLING on road info:

   Trail & Road Run workouts   
6:00 PM
Mill Hollow trail/Hill road RUNS  TuesDAYS!-thru October '14
 come weather ready with drink etc!
and ready to work hard!

$5.00 drop in

Sched -we will rotate by week (locations)
always at millhollow
(park at base of the bug curvy hill)

(maps here)-

Millhollow Vermilion reservation-park

 Thanks for such a Great season everyone!
Lets keep it up!

              RUN  (tba)           
done now -but we will add a fall date in Nov
$5.00 drop In
We run outdoors 
 Tuesday eves from 6:00 to 7:30
-Run night at Mill Hollow Park

7/30-- VHS
8/6 - Mill Hollow Park

($5.00 drop -in fee)
(we will do a trail distance run or hill run or Track workout-depending on week) *This year we will park on the park office side next to the office and barns (there is security cameras here-due to a few car break ins)- I will bring water and some fluid replacement samples!-*bring your water bottles!

bring run shoes-towel-beverage!
attitude to go hard!
I just wanted to Thank Each one of you who have been part of this TEAM and the dream I have had to "pay it forward"...
It is from the bottom of my heart, I am Grateful..
it has been because of you we have achieved Great things and many PR's yet to come!

Coach-Daniel Smith

**Personal coaching plans**
See link -"personal coaching"
on top right -side list

Click Photo to listen to Pod cast~!

....on my carreer, coaching, & life.

~~~Photo Slide Show from my road trip /tour
with Sheila Taormina!Click photo below here;Photo Slide show from ;The 2011 Marine Corps Trials

for the Wounded warriors!click photo below!

Photos from the

2011 Warrior Games

at the Olympic training center and Co.Springs

(click on each photo below)

Photo set #1
Photo set #2

Photo set #3

Photo set #4


Kombucha Tea

This is the info on the tea I have been telling some of my clients and friends about..

I have lost 20 lbs and feel awesome!

(*do your homework and research before you try it!)
if you dont want to invest the time, you can buy it at natures bin (bottled) and online as well..
~ Best luck to you all!

Links to more usage and celebrity referrences- Info
Celeb's and more info...
~! MY "How To" Guide - to Brew your own with a starter~"culture/mushroom"
(*remember..if thuis seems like more than you can deal with..JUST Buy it at "Natures Bin"- in the glass bottles!)


Things to remember…
1. Never use anything but clean clear,(no color)- glass container to raise and ferment the Kumbucha,(never ceramic, metal or plastic).
2. Use wooden (natural) spoon to stir and clean hands free of any detergents or bacteria.
3. Follow directions to the “T”, .if you ever see or think there may be any white or light color fuzzy mold on the “mushroom“.(discard and do not drink!)…*bubbling and a wet whitish look on the “mushroom” are ok and typical.
4. Keep fermenting tea in a warm darkish place, that is between 68” and 100” F.

Directions to prep tea.

Boil 1 gallon (=16 cups)of purified water (filtered or distilled) not straight tap water…(as the additives to tap water will harm the “mushroom”).
..Add in 1 cup of organic raw sugar (not bleached white)..stir until it is dissolved, turn off the heat and add 7 teabags to steep in the water for ½ an hour.(covered with a lid ).
Remove tea bags, and Let the mixture cool to room temperature (as long as it takes, keep covered) this helps keep fungus, bacteria and mold out.
Add the tea mixture to a large glass fermentation tank, then place the “mushroom” into the mixture …and add in the minimum..1 cup of Kumbucha tea.-(kept from last batch).
Once the “mushroom” and primer tea are added to the new tea mixture, cover the top with a breathable cloth-(clean!) and place it for 13 to 16 days (2 weeks is typical) -in a warm dark spot out of reach from small children and pets. (Do not touch or stir while it ferments for this time)

Once the”tea time” is up, you can separate the “baby (with your hands) keep at least one cup of tea to restart the next batch and, start again the process with all clean items.